KISS Makeup Kit


You’re not going to find the makeup you need rummaging through your girlfriend’s things. The KISS makeup kit is right here, so you can look like a rock and roll maniac, ready to bust into Detroit Rock City.




KISS Makeup Kit

We know you got rock and roll on the brain. Seriously, if the hospital did a brain scan, it would show a Destroyer album in place of where your brain should be. But does your face match your will to rock? This KISS makeup set makes it so you don’t have to live another day without looking like a member of the band.***DISCLAIMER***This product technically expired in 2013 but we have not experienced any customer difficulty regarding the quality of the product since the date of expiration. Please notify us if the product fails to meet your standards. Again, this is a disclaimer. Thank you!

KISS Makeup Kit | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | Plastic | KIS8514

KISS Makeup Kit (80’s Costumes)