Kim Jong Un Dance Mask


Turn up that Chopsticks Brothers beat and dance with this hilarious Kim Jong Un Dance Mask! Pair up with Obama and you’ll be carrying out crazy antics like a dictator.




Kim Jong Un Dance Mask

This mask… it’s UN-believable! You’ve probably heard this new hit song by the Chinese pop group Chopstick Brothers, in fact, there is a good chance you have that beat blasting in your headphones right now. You probably want to dance, and make all your friends jealous. Maybe you have the sudden urge to rake some leaves, ride a giant pig on a gritty farm, or maybe even get into a karate match with the President of the United States. That’s the kind of thing that song inspires, we know. Now imagine yourself doing all that while wearing our Kim Jong Un Dance Mask! You’ll bring the hilarious parody video to life and likely anger dictators everywhere. Win win. UN-believable, indeed!

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