Kids Inflatable Slimer Costume


This kids inflatable Slimer costume turns your child into the trouble-making ghost from the hit Ghostbusters movie. Just be sure to avoid any ghost traps!




Kids Inflatable Slimer Costume

The Ghostbusters have dealt with many spirits over the years but they will never forget the first ghost that they ever caught, Slimer. This green ghoul was roaming the halls of the Sedgewick hotel looking for anything he could eat off of the room service carts. After years and years of complaints the manager had finally had it with this unwelcomed guest that he called the Ghostbusters to get rid of him. What the manager didn’t know is that no ghost had ever been caught with the latest in ghostbusting technology. Slimer got to be the first spirit Peter, Ray, and Egon ever caught and your little one can become that ghost in this inflatable costume.

Kids Inflatable Slimer Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | Polyester | RU881305

Kids Inflatable Slimer Costume (80’s Costumes)