Kids Deluxe Padme Costume


Kids Deluxe Padme costume is a replica of the Padme Amidala costume from Episode 1. This child Star Wars costume is great for a girls Halloween costume.




Kids Deluxe Padme Costume

If you think the former queen of Naboo couldn’t hold her own against some of the evil forces in the galaxy you’d be wrong. Padme has joined the Jedi and the galactic republic in the fight to keep the Separatists from taking over. She has fought in battles and won all while being close to her Jedi husband Anakin. Now your little one can become the great Star Wars character in this great Padme costume.

Kids Deluxe Padme Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: M | Polyester | RU888156

Kids Deluxe Padme Costume (Star Wars Costumes)