Kids DC Flash Costume Hoodie


Your child might not be a master of the Speed Force just yet, but with this Kids DC Flash Costume Hoodie, he can run around fighting bad guys in your neighborhood just the same.




Kids DC Flash Costume Hoodie

Is running really fast sort of your kid’s thing? Running really fast is the Flash’s thing too. The only difference between your child and Barry Allen, is that he wears a spandex suit that makes him look super-cool while he runs and he fights crime while speeding around. We can’t really recommend sending your kid out into the world wearing nothing but a spandex suit, although we can recommend this costume hoodie, modeled to look like the famous DC hero’s costume. We’re pretty sure all the lightning bolts on it make it extra aero-dynamic and allow your kid able to channel the Speed Force, but we’re not physicists, so don’t quote us on that.

Kids DC Flash Costume Hoodie | Halloween Costumes

Size: 2T | Cottonblend | KRW102765743

Kids DC Flash Costume Hoodie (Superhero Costumes)