Kids Boba Fett Costume


This kids Boba Fett costume is from the Star Wars movies and works great as a boys Star Wars Halloween costume. This child costume comes in sizes s-l.




Kids Boba Fett Costume

Need someone caught on the other edge of the galaxy? Then you better call Boba. That’s right, the top bounty hunter that even the Empire gets a hold of when they need someone picked up is none other than the one Boba Fett. Since he was a little tiny tot he learned the ways of find those hard to find outlaws that need to be brought in to mob bosses. So if your little one wants to be the coolest bad guy in all the galaxy then this Star Wars costume is perfect for them.

Kids Boba Fett Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: L | Polyester | RU883036

Kids Boba Fett Costume (Star Wars Costumes)