Infant Ladybug Tutu Dress


Dress up your baby for the next Halloween or costume party with this Infant Ladybug Tutu Dress! She’ll be the cute center of attention in this sweet ladybug costume!




Infant Ladybug Tutu Dress

In every garden you will find the cutest of little bugs dancing about. These red and black insects are known as ladybugs and they are there to add life to any bed of flowers. But why do they choose gardens to play in? Much like people these tiny little guys also love to look a pretty flowers. Now your little tike can become one of the most adorable bugs ever in this tutu costume!

Infant Ladybug Tutu Dress | Halloween Costumes

Size: IN | Polyester | RU885179

Infant Ladybug Tutu Dress (Animal & Bug Costumes)