I Am Buzz Costume Kids Tee


To infinity and beyond! Let your little guy become Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story with this I Am Buzz Costume Kids Tee!




I Am Buzz Costume Kids Tee

Buzz Lightyear is a great character, but is he a great toy? You bet! Not only does he come in that awesome rocket ship box, he has an impressive wingspan that jettisons with the push of a button. He says multiple phrases, sometimes in Spanish depending on mode, and his helmet makes that whoosh sound! So, even as a toy, Buzz was really cool. It makes this Buzz Lightyear t-shirt all the more fun because you can act out all of those incredible features from the Buzz Lightyear toy! If you can can do some salsa dancing while wearing this we will be doubly impressed!

I Am Buzz Costume Kids Tee | Halloween Costumes

Size: 2T | Polyblend | MFQB002BMX1

I Am Buzz Costume Kids Tee (Disney Costumes)