Henchman Arkham City Mask


Want to beat up Batman? This Henchman Arkham City Mask turns you into one ugly clown, who’s also mad at the Dark Knight.




Henchman Arkham City Mask

With Batman prowling around Arkham City, it’s hard to keep good henchmen around. That’s why Joker’s looking to hire some new talent in his crew of goons! He’s seeking some psychopaths with a few choice qualities to round out his gang. First, you have to be really mad at Batman. Second, you have to have a penchant for violence. Third, you have to dress like a clown. Of course, if you have your own mask to the job interview, it’s a major plus. We can help you out with the mask, just make sure you bring out all your crazy when you get the face to face interview with Mr. J.

Henchman Arkham City Mask | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | Latex | RU68471

Henchman Arkham City Mask (Superhero Costumes)