Hanging Bloody Arm


There’s nothing like a severed hanging bloody arm to creep the bejeebus out of your visitors. This gruesome accessory makes turning your place into a grotesque dungeon easy.




Hanging Bloody Arm

Maybe I’m too empathetic, but when I see a bloody arm hanging in a haunted house, I wonder, “Who did that arm once belong to? Do they miss it?” Then I remember that I’m supposed to be scared and I start to play along with the whole screaming thing. Still, who did that arm belong to? I bet it was a farm accident victim. Poor kid got too close to the thresher and whoosh it’s gone. That’s a sad story, but at least the arm got a second life in a haunted house. There’s always a positive in there somewhere!

Hanging Bloody Arm | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | Plastic | FO63277

Hanging Bloody Arm (Halloween Decorations)