Grey Werewolf Mask


You don’t need a full moon to transform into a vicious flesh eating creature. Simply slip into a Grey Werewolf Mask, run screaming into the night and maul the first person you see. You may be arrested for assault but at least you would have felt the power




Grey Werewolf Mask

Unleash the beast within or slip into this Grey Werewolf Mask! Think about it: if you unleash the beast you’ll have to go through the painful process of transformation. Your skin will be ripped from the bone, your fingers painfully elongated and your face, talk about deformed. Why not save yourself the trouble of excruciating pain. Buy the mask and give yourself a break. We won’t tell!

Grey Werewolf Mask | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | Latex | FU8546GW

Grey Werewolf Mask (Classic Costumes)