Green Power Ranger T-Shirt


Go to high school, compete in a martial arts tournament, and beat up some Putties. All a day’s work for the Green Ranger. Live the life with our Green Power Ranger T-Shirt!




Green Power Ranger T-Shirt

Do you remember how awesome the original Green Ranger was? He started out evil, because he beat the Red Ranger in that karate tournament at school (No really, it happened). Then Rita Repulsa thought that he’d be the perfect person to help her destroy earth, because he was so skilled and awesome. And then he actually did it, even giving Alpha a virus! Then he felt guilty about it all and turned into the White Ranger, which I think we can all agree just wasn’t as cool. So, let’s all remember the good old days with our Green Ranger costume tee! It’s perfect for Halloween as well as high school Kung Fu tournaments.

Green Power Ranger T-Shirt | Halloween Costumes

Size: L | Cotton (100%) | MFDB867901

Green Power Ranger T-Shirt (TV / Movie Costumes)