Goofy Pajama Costume


Nobody wants to look goofy, but lots of people want to look like Goofy, the Disney character, that is! This Goofy Pajama costume is perfect for anyone who likes to lounge around as their favorite cartoon dog.




Goofy Pajama Costume

Did you know that Goofy wasn’t always known as such? He actually starred in his first Disney cartoon short as “Dippy Dawg!” Back then, he looked a little thinner, and stranger, and not like the tall, rubber-limbed dog-man we know today. A member of the “fab five” Goofy remains one of the most popular cartoon characters in the world. He’s taught us how to ski, how to exercise, and how to set up our home theater, how NOT to spend a summer vacation with your son, and how the funniest prat fall scream should sound. We’ll forever be in debt to the Goof. The least we can do to honor him is wear this Disney pajama costume. Gawrsh!

Goofy Pajama Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | Polyester | SZCRE260

Goofy Pajama Costume (Disney Costumes)