Girls Renaissance Damsel Dress


Queen Elizabeth (the First!) might have worn a dress like this in her youth! Be sure to add a crown and scepter to complete the regal look.




Girls Renaissance Damsel Dress

Being Queen isn’t so easy. First, you have to deal with all the internal drama of the court, because you just know that jester is insanely ambitious. Second, you have to take care of your people, because they’re likely poor and dealing with illnesses & back-breaking work every day. Third, you always have to look like a queen so everyone believes in your royalty, and that’s a major task all by itself! That whole queen fashion problem isn’t so difficult when you wear this girls Renaissance dress! It’s an elegant look that will have everyone bowing and curtsying to your child all day long. Headed to the Renaissance festival this summer? This is the perfect look for that, too. But be sure to tell her, under no circumstances should she say, “Let them eat cake…” Even if she’s just waiting in line at the funnel cake stand.

Girls Renaissance Damsel Dress | Halloween Costumes

Size: S | Polyester | FO62573

Girls Renaissance Damsel Dress (Historical Costumes)