Female Jedi Costume Plus Size


Use the Force in this female Jedi costume in a plus size this Halloween. You’ll be ready to stop the Sith in no time!




Female Jedi Costume Plus Size

Now you can become a member of the greatest order in the galaxy as one of the Jedi. These intergalactic peacekeepers make sure that the dark sides of the force don’t take over the universe. To do this these knights have to learn how to hone their force skills with training starting from a young age. As younglings these Jedi in training have to practice lifting things with their minds and how to wield a lightsaber. Once they get to the right age they become an apprentice to a skilled warrior of the Jedi order. Then after they have proven themselves to have the knowledge to protect the universe they can go out and save the galaxy. Now you can join the side of good as a knight of the Jedi order!

Female Jedi Costume Plus Size | Halloween Costumes

Size: PL | Polyester | RU17512

Female Jedi Costume Plus Size (Star Wars Costumes)