Doctor Doom Hoodie


You’ve already begun plotting world domination, so what’s stopping you from wearing a Doctor Doom Hoodie and exacting your plans? The Fantastic Four? Doom cares not about that meddlesome group of so-called superheroes.




Doctor Doom Hoodie

Do you ever look at other superheroes and then immediately begin plotting on how you can steal their super powers for yourself? Do you constantly try to concoct schemes that end in world domination? Do you find yourself trying to take revenge on Mr. Fantastic? If you, or someone you love is experiencing these symptoms, then you might be inflicted with Victor Von Doom syndrome. The only cure, is to wear this hoodie inspired by the Marvel villain, take control of Latveria and start creating your own legion of Doombots to combat S.H.I.E.L.D.’s forces. This one even comes with a back that looks like a cape, so you don’t have to wear a real one that will get caught while fighting heroes.

Doctor Doom Hoodie | Halloween Costumes

Size: L | Cottonblend | MAV9050MZ

Doctor Doom Hoodie (Superhero Costumes)