Deluxe Halo Gloves


No Master Chief should be without his trusty gloves. Get these deluxe Halo gloves and complete your video game costume for Halloween!




Deluxe Halo Gloves

Imagine Master Chief without his gloves. Those pale hands reaching for his gun. That strong voice bellowing through the helmet orders to the men, while his sheet-like fingers contradict his every word. And just try punching an alien in the face without the gloves, just try it. Spoiler alert: it won’t end well.You face that same danger if you’re planning on heading out without a pair of gloves. Try driving to the supermarket for milk without them. Boring. Or what about changing a lightbulb. How did you ever change one without gloves? And how could you ever imagine going out to get the mail without a pair of these life-affirming gloves. Add these to your cart, right now, there’s not a moment to lose.

Deluxe Halo Gloves | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | Plastic | RU8271

Deluxe Halo Gloves (Video Game / Toy Costumes)