Deluxe General Zod Costume


Some guys like to use their powers to save the world. Others like to dress up in deluxe General Zod costume from the Man of Steel movie and fight Superman to the death. Hey, it’s your thing. Whatever you want to do!




Deluxe General Zod Costume

Earth can really mess with someone from the planet of Krypton. Their bodies have to take time to adjust to the radiation from the Sun which means that at some point they would appear weak. This is why General Zod wears his Kryptonian armor, he never wants to appear weak to anyone. Now you can look just like the super strong villain from the Man of Steel movie when you wear this General Zod costume. Once you put this on you’ll feel like nothing could stop you, not even Superman!

Deluxe General Zod Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: XL | Polyester | RU887160

Deluxe General Zod Costume (Superhero Costumes)