Deluxe Colonial Pirate Costume


Get set to sail the high seas while looking your best this Halloween in this Deluxe Colonial Pirate Costume. Perfect for any swashbuckling party you go to!




Deluxe Colonial Pirate Costume

There was a time in the past where the seas were a dangerous place to be. Ships filled with vicious buccaneers filled the ocean searching for treasure and looting the rich. But the swashbucklers you never wanted to tangle with were the ladies. These siren women would lure men in with their stunning looks only to have them robbed before they knew it. There are legends of these bonny lasses making off with heaps of loot in their travels. Now you can join their ranks of both beauty and ruthlessness in this sexy outfit.

Deluxe Colonial Pirate Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: L | Nylon | RO4245

Deluxe Colonial Pirate Costume (Pirate Costumes)