Deluxe Captain Hook Costume


Our deluxe Captain Hook pirate costume is a realistic costume for themed parties or plays. You’ll be sea worthy matey.




Deluxe Captain Hook Costume

Commanding a crew of misfit pirates is no easy task, so before you commit to dressing like a pirate captain in this deluxe Captain Hook costume you should consider a few things. First, since this is a pirate crew you should be prepared to have them steal and loot at every opportunity, even the hook on your hand is not safe. Also, they are always armed so do not wander the deck of your ship without a sword or pistol at the ready. Finally, they lie about nearly everything so when they tell you you’re on course you might want to check the charts yourself. Fair winds, matey.

Deluxe Captain Hook Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | Polyester | FUN1200

Deluxe Captain Hook Costume (Disney Costumes)