Deluxe Adult Mike Costume


Spend some time with Sully at Monsters University in this licensed deluxe Mike costume for men. This popular Disney Pixar character will be instantly recognized wherever you go!




Deluxe Adult Mike Costume

Even the greatest scarers had to go to school, just ask Mike Wazowski. Ever since this little green guy was even smaller he wanted to become one of the greatest closet monsters Monstropolis has ever seen. So to become a true great Mike enrolled at Monster University to take classes to perfect his craft. While there he would meet someone who would go on to become his lifelong friend, James P. “Sulley” Sullivan. These two would have the time of their lives in college and now you relive those moments in this official MU costume.

Deluxe Adult Mike Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: XL | | DI58781D

Deluxe Adult Mike Costume (Disney Costumes)