Dark Brown Monk Wig


Show your humility before G-d with this Dark Brown Monk Wig. Next stop on the religious tour, give to the poor and needy. For by a long vow of silence. Shhhh




Dark Brown Monk Wig

You remember Friar Tuck…from Robin Hood? Please tell me you haven’t forgotten the loveable friar who gives wine to the men? Well then, let’s get you up to speed. First get the Dark Brown Monk Wig and costume. Then, snuggle up (yes) with the movie Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (not Men in Tights) with Kevin Costner. Once you’ve seen the film you are officially approved to wear this wig.

Dark Brown Monk Wig | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | | FO64116

Dark Brown Monk Wig (Biblical Costumes)