Cute Toddler Koala Costume


This Cute Toddler Koala Costume is a popular costume idea for Halloween, or for zoo- or travel-themed parties!




Cute Toddler Koala Costume

Your child is sure to stay warm and cozy while trick-or-treating in this Cute Toddler Koala Costume! Any child can be a koala, but no child can be a koala “bear.” That’s because there’s no such thing as a “koala bear”–koalas AREN’T bears! The first European naturalist to describe them thought that they looked like bears, and they sort of do, so he gave them a Latin name containing the word for bear. Later zoologists who have studied koalas carefully found out that they’re not even remotely related to bears–but the misconception had taken hold in the English language. Wow, this isn’t only a costume, it’s an opportunity for some education, too!

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Size: TD | Polyester | CH83359V

Cute Toddler Koala Costume (Animal & Bug Costumes)