Crocodile Hunter Hat


You can’t survive the Austrailian outback with out the perfect hat! Pick up this Crocodile Hunter Hat and get set for an adventure.




Crocodile Hunter Hat

Deep in the heart of the Austrailian outback is a man, a man you don’t mess with. Some say he is a legend while other say he a crazed outlaw but what everyone can agree on is that he only goes by the Crocodile Hunter. What has this man done to be only mentioned in whispers about? The stories say that he brought down 10 foot long crocodile with his bare hands. If that is true then he would have be the bravest and strongest person to ever roam the outback. Now you can look just like the legend when you wear this great adventurer style hat.

Crocodile Hunter Hat | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | Pleather | FY50523

Crocodile Hunter Hat (Uniform Costumes)