Christmas Story Bunny Costume


Get this funny pink bunny costume from A Christmas Story for Halloween or the holiday season. You’ll look just like Ralphie did after he opened his present!




Christmas Story Bunny Costume

Christmas morning is an exciting time for any child. Once morning comes there is a race to the tree to see what presents you should open first. Now we can all be honest that there are some presents you dread, like the ones that come from Aunt Clara. Those gifts are never the toys that you want to get but are almost always something embarrassing. If you’re lucky it’s just a pair of socks, if you’re less lucky it’s a sweater, and then if you have the luck of Ralphie Parker you get a bright pink pair of pajamas with bunny ears. And even when you get something like that your mom will force you to put it on right away just to see how cute you are in it or to silently chuckle to herself. Now you can recreate that classic film moment from your favorite holiday movie!

Christmas Story Bunny Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | Polyester | RA4330

Christmas Story Bunny Costume (Holiday Costumes)