Child White Sailor Costume


Transform your little child into a sailor in our exclusive Child White Sailor Costume. It’s great for being on a boat, a Halloween party, or anywhere in between!




Child White Sailor Costume

The best decision that you could ever make as a parent is convincing your child to want to become a sailor. First of all, you know those floors are gonna get scrubbed nice and clean every day because he’ll be swabbing the deck. And you know he’ll never be late to anything again because he’ll be so good at telling nautical time. And anytime you need a knot tied properly? Bam. He’s there, making it happen. Let’s see, what else do sailors do? Of course, they dress super spiffy all the time. Like this Child White Sailor Costume. So any time you have a fancy gathering, he’ll be the best dressed dude in the house. Maybe start with this costume for your next Halloween party and see where it goes?

Child White Sailor Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: L | Polyester | FUN1076

Child White Sailor Costume (Uniform Costumes)