Child Spaghettios Costume


Normal spaghetti is boring and dull which is why kids know that there is something way better out there. Your little one can become a classic meal in this Child Spaghettios Costume.




Child Spaghettios Costume

When the original makers of spaghetti were cooking up noodles they would never have thought it could be improved on. They thought that the straight lined shaped noodles would be just perfect forever. Well Campbells knew that there was still room for some improvement to that classic and worked their magic. They took that simple noodle and made it a circle. They finally found the perfection to spaghetti when they created Spaghettios! Now your tiny chef to be will have a blast being their favorite food in this costume.

Child Spaghettios Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: S | Polyester Foam | RA4842

Child Spaghettios Costume (Funny Costumes)