Child Robin T-Shirt Costume


This child Robin t-shirt costume includes a t-shirt, cape and eye mask. Get this kids superhero t-shirt costume for an easy Halloween costume idea!




Child Robin T-Shirt Costume

What do you need to become a great sidekick? First off you need a great superhero to follow and fight crime with. Luckily for the boy wonder he hit the jackpot because Batman is the best hero to be the sidekick of. When you’re the sidekick of Batman you get to live in a mansion, a great costume, and also all the wonderful toys you can play with. All you have to do is go out on patrol with the dark knight and help save the day from all those villains trying to take over Gotham City. Not a bad trade off!

Child Robin T-Shirt Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: L | Cotton (100%) | RU881347

Child Robin T-Shirt Costume (Superhero Costumes)