Caveman Wig

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Mumph! Grrrrruuughhh! Mmmm, MMMMMM…Me need Caveman Costume and Wig to make grunting probable and understandable to the average on looker. Otherwise they think me crazy for making noise. Mumph! Mumph! Grrrrruuughhh! Mmmm, MMMMMM




Caveman Wig

Now that you’re wearing this Caveman Wig, we’re gonna teach you how to behave like a real Neanderthal. First, spear a wooly mammoth. Then with your bare hands, drag the rotting carcass home to your wife. Build shelter with it’s bones and a roof with its skin. Once that’s complete you can make sweet sweet prehistoric love to your babe, you’ve officially earned it!

Caveman Wig | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | | FO62755

Caveman Wig (Historical Costumes)