Card Suit Pantyhose


Aces, spades, diamonds, and hearts… you can have them all when you wear this Card Suit Pantyhose! It’d be a sexy look for poker night!




Card Suit Pantyhose

Why stop at having a few cards up your sleeve? You want to win no matter what kind of card game you’re playing, don’t you? Why not let your legs be your ace in the hole. These sexy pantyhose turn your legs into the trick no one at the table will be expecting! Okay, so maybe these stockings won’t improve your poker skills at all, but they definitely make you look fabulous while you’re playing cards and if you ask us, style is the game that really matters anyways.

Card Suit Pantyhose | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | Nylon | LE7909

Card Suit Pantyhose (Accessories)