Bride of Chucky Costume


This Bride of Chucky Costume is a scary doll costume for women to wear. All you need to do is find your husband; a Chucky doll!




Bride of Chucky Costume

Don the bridal gown, wield the trusty kitchen knife, and grab your murderous “Good Guy” for a killing spree on the open road. This dress, veil, gloves, choker, and jacket will revamp you into Tiffany, Chucky’s doll bride that shares his common love for bloodshed! Chucky may think you look absolutely darling in this wedding dress but he’ll really get excited if you add a weapon accessory for a more menacing look. Now you and Chucky can set out on a journey to slay some humans, snatch some souls, and overall have a bloody great honeymoon!

Bride of Chucky Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: M | Polyester | FR48493

Bride of Chucky Costume (TV / Movie Costumes)