Blood Tip Vampire Fangs


Complete your vampire costume with these blood tip vampire fangs. The scary accessory makes a great addition to your Halloween costume.




Blood Tip Vampire Fangs

Choosy vampires know it’s important to make a good impression. Maybe you’ve just become undead, or maybe you’ve been undead for a while but you’re struggling to make a solid impression with the rest of the group. Start with the fangs. It’s a small detail, but it makes a big statement. Size does matter. And whether or not your fangs are stained with blood or white? That matters too. But we can help. Our blood tip vampire fangs are designed to make you stand out, designed to make you confident, designed to make you sparkle. Even if you haven’t snacked for a while, your fangs don’t have to show that. Now get out there, get back in the game. Enjoy the confidence that our fangs can give you.

Blood Tip Vampire Fangs | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | Plastic | SCBTSK100

Blood Tip Vampire Fangs (Classic Costumes)