Bleeding Machete Knife


If you take pleasure from torturing innocent victims have we got a tool for you. Our Bleeding Machete Knife is the quickest way to hack a person to pieces. In less than three swings your intended will be lying face down in a pool of warm red liquid. So gi




Bleeding Machete Knife

Why spend hours wondering if your knife is sharp enough to cut through flesh, bone, and marrow? Don’t risk the embarrassment of bringing down your machete only to discover your knife just doesn’t have what it takes. If you want to hack your victims with an effortless ease, then a Bleeding Machete Knife is for you. We’ve spent years perfecting this tool with one thing in mind, your pleasure. So don’t be afraid to take a whack at it. You know you want to…

Bleeding Machete Knife | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | Plastic | FU8976

Bleeding Machete Knife (TV / Movie Costumes)