Black Power Ranger T-Shirt


Better clean off the Mastodon Dinozord and give a new coat of wax, because you might want to take it out for a spin in our Black Power Ranger T-Shirt!




Black Power Ranger T-Shirt

No matter how many times you stand in front of the mirror and shout, “It’s morphin’ time!” you just won’t transform into one of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Why doesn’t it work? Probably because Zordon didn’t pick you to be one of the select few. He’s super picky. Lucky for you we have plenty of Power Ranger t-shirts like this Black Ranger tee that makes the whole “morphin” process way easier. And you don’t have to deal with Zordon or Alpha, so that’s a plus!

Black Power Ranger T-Shirt | Halloween Costumes

Size: L | Cotton (100%) | MFDB845901

Black Power Ranger T-Shirt (TV / Movie Costumes)