Biker Chops with Bandana


Are your cheeks lacking a set of manly sideburns? These biker chops with bandana can clear that up in an instant, without you having to grow some itchy facial hair.




Biker Chops with Bandana

Are you the type of guy who just hops on his motorcycle and starts looking for trouble on the open highway? If you’re looking at getting some fake sideburns, then probably not, but we know how awesome it is to at least feel like a tough guy for a day and growing out real mutton chops takes time. That’s why these fake ones are sweet. Just slap them on the side of your face and you become an instant tough guy.

Biker Chops with Bandana | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | | CA70065

Biker Chops with Bandana (Uniform Costumes)