Bane Adult Mask


Bringing the fear back to Gotham is easy when you wear a grisly mask like Bane. The licensed accessory is molded to recreate the one seen in the Dark Knight Rises movie.




Bane Adult Mask

Cold, deadly and to the point, Bane’s methods bring a level of brutality to Gotham that no one, not even Bruce Wayne, could have anticipated. His only really weakness is the mask he wears. Without it, the villain becomes trapped in a prison of unfathomable pain. Good luck to anyone who thinks himself hero enough to attempt taking the mask off – Bane has an arsenal of combat moves that make sure the mask never leaves his face. How exactly does he eat with that thing though?

Bane Adult Mask | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | Latex | RU4891

Bane Adult Mask (Superhero Costumes)