Bamm Bamm Teen Costume


Get ready to smash everything in this Bamm Bamm Teen Costume. This is a great costume to pair with our Pebbles Flintstone Costume.




Bamm Bamm Teen Costume

If there is one thing that Bamm Bamm does great it’s smash! This caveman has been swinging a club around since he was a newborn. Now that he’s all grown up he still is the strongest guy in all of Bedrock. But even though his chest is a tough as a rock his heart is as soft as mammoth fur for his sweetie Pebbles. Now you can become the buffest guy in all of the stone age in this Flintstones costume.

Bamm Bamm Teen Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: TN | Polyester | RU885008

Bamm Bamm Teen Costume (TV / Movie Costumes)