Authentic Cowardly Lion Costume


You don’t have to be brave to wear the Authentic Cowardly Lion Costume. Heck, the real one from the Wizard of Oz wasn’t all that courageous, but he still did plenty of cool things.




Authentic Cowardly Lion Costume

Not everyone can be a brave macho man. Even the real Cowardly Lion would probably rather hide under the bed shaking than deal with any real danger. But when you’re a lion, you need to protect your pals, which means heading on that Yellow Brick Road and fending off flying monkeys. Yeah, we know that just the thought of that kind of thing makes your legs tremble, but wearing this authentic Wizard of Oz replica might make you feel a little less cowardly.

Authentic Cowardly Lion Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | Polyester | RU90281

Authentic Cowardly Lion Costume (Animal & Bug Costumes)