Adult Tails Dress Costume


Dr. Robotnik will stay close on your tail once you’re in this Adult Tails Dress Costume. Who knows what evil things he’s planning once he captures you.




Adult Tails Dress Costume

Miles “Tail” Prower is more than just Sonic’s friendly fox sidekick. Not only is he just as fast as Sonic, but he can use his two tails to fly, he’s an accomplished airplane pilot and he’s downright adorable. If you ask us, he should be the star of the Sega’s number one video game franchise. The only thing Sonic can do that he can’t do is use special shields and who needs those when you can fly? This dress might not let you fly like him, but it does have a his signature tails attached to the back, so we won’t tell Sonic if you want to play a little trick on him.

Adult Tails Dress Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: L | Polyester | RU887204

Adult Tails Dress Costume (Video Game / Toy Costumes)