Adult Star Wars Yoda Robe


Keep yourself warm on those chilly Dagobah nights in this Adult Star Wars Yoda Robe. This is perfect for even the biggest Star Wars fan!




Adult Star Wars Yoda Robe

Deep in the swamps of Dagobah there is a small hut that looks upon the greatest lake the planet has to offer. In that hut lives one of the most powerful Jedi to have ever lived. Now when he isn’t staying there he will loan his hut out to who ever he can but he wants people to believe he is still there. So to ensure that anyone who comes by thinks it’s him he has a robe made to look like him for the house sitter to wear. So now you can look like the galaxy famous Jedi in this great costume.

Adult Star Wars Yoda Robe | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | Cotton (100%) | RB26454

Adult Star Wars Yoda Robe (Funny Costumes)