Adult Shadow Trooper Costume


In an adult Shadow Trooper costume, you can do stuff that normal Stormtroopers can’t, like hitting stuff with your blaster and finding the droids you were looking for. It beats being cannon fodder for Star Wars heroes.




Adult Shadow Trooper Costume

Tired of being just a regular old Stormtrooper? You know, the kind that gets beat out by furry little Ewoks on Endor’s moon and has problems shooting enemies at point blank? It’s time to upgrade to the Shadow Troopers. Those guys actually get the job done and find the droids they were looking for. Also, they get to wear black armor, which is way cooler than regular Imperial armor.

Adult Shadow Trooper Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | Polyester | RU889821

Adult Shadow Trooper Costume (Star Wars Costumes)