Adult Peanut Costume


This adult peanut costume is a funny food costume for adults. Become your favorite snack instantly when you wear this adult peanut costume.




Adult Peanut Costume

When ever you go to a ball game or a circus there is one snack that is always a blast to enjoy and that is a bag full of peanuts. These shelled treats always salty and always tasty but that isn’t best part about them. The best part about them is cracking open the shell and being able to throwing the shells down on the ground. Because when you eat peanuts you have the freedom to make a little mess as you enjoy them. So now you can become your favorite snack or if you add a top had and cane your favorite mascot in this food themed costume.

Adult Peanut Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | Polyester | RA7109

Adult Peanut Costume (Funny Costumes)