20″ Glittered Raven


When you decorate your home with this Glittered Raven, it’l be fit for a spooky evening complete with a reading of Poe!




20″ Glittered Raven

Lenore! Just an echo you might tell yourself. Nothing more. Then you see the darkened silhouette of the shadowy raven. Perhaps it was the raven that said the name of your long lost love? No, it couldn’t be?! Now, imagine that kind of echoing terror rippling through your guests as they look at this sparkling raven decoration. Creepy, right? Of course, you could always hide and yell out “Nevermore” to frighten your guests. We tried that out. It was pretty cool.

20″ Glittered Raven | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | Polyblend | AEAAF464BK

20″ Glittered Raven (Halloween Decorations)