11.5″ Weighted Pumpkin


This Weighted Pumpkin will be the perfect addition to your pumpkin patch. Just watch out for the Giant Pumpkin!




11.5″ Weighted Pumpkin

Why spend all the time heading to a pumpkin patch, spending countless hours picking out a pumpkin that’s just going to turn into a big mess at the end of the season? This plastic pumpkin has a realistic paint job and looks better than any of those crazy pumpkins you might find at the grocery store. We have to warn you, that it is totally not edible, so don’t try eating it. It will, however, last you multiple seasons of Halloween goodness.

11.5″ Weighted Pumpkin | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | Styrofoam | AEVQP881YEGO

11.5″ Weighted Pumpkin (Halloween Decorations)