Women’s Transylvania Wig


YOU’RE ALIVE! Just because you crawled out of the grave, doesn’t mean you should look like a zombie. This classic Women’s Transylvania Wig, will keep each hair in place until you find a great dress!




Women’s Transylvania Wig

I know you have been dead for awhile and you just popped out of the grave and all… but your hair is a serious issue. It’s all snarled and ratted and you need about twenty brushes in order for you to get your hair in check. Why don’t you just use this Women’s Transylvania Wig until you have time to do something with your hair. You never know when you could meet the monster of your dreams so you got to be prepared at all times!

Women’s Transylvania Wig | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | | FUN0105

Women’s Transylvania Wig (Scary Costumes)