Toddler Spaghettios Costume


Now your toddler can dress up like one of his favorite lunches in this Toddler Spaghettios Costume! Add this funny food costume to any of our other food costumes!




Toddler Spaghettios Costume

Uh-Oh! SpaghettiOs!Way back in the 12th century when the first strings of spaghetti were being made in the south of Italy no one probably thought about making those strands into circles. If you would have shown those first chefs the inside of a can of SpaghettiO’s they would go crazy. They would ask, “how did you do that?” And you could say it’s all thanks to Cambell Soup! They made a quick and fun Italian meal that makes every kid go “mmm, mmm, good!” Now your little chef-in-training will love becoming their favorite meal!

Toddler Spaghettios Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: 4T | Polyester Foam | RA4841

Toddler Spaghettios Costume (Funny Costumes)