Toddler Green Furry Jumpsuit


Now your little one can be the monster under their own bed in this green furry jumpsuit. It’s goofy and scary all at once!




Toddler Green Furry Jumpsuit

Just imagine this. You’re walking through your home and something seems eerily out of place. It’s almost like someone, or something, is watching every step you take. Then, all of the sudden, from out of the shadows a furry green creature comes lunging at you! Welcome to the average day in your home when you have a little monster living there. This green faux fur jumpsuit has everything your toddler needs to make his transformation into a creature of furry proportions!

Toddler Green Furry Jumpsuit | Halloween Costumes

Size: 4T | Polyester | FUN2169TD

Toddler Green Furry Jumpsuit (Classic Costumes)