Teen Beetlejuice Costume


Say hello to the ghost with the most! The teen Beetlejuice costume will have you at the center of all the head spinning, bio-exorcising and crude pranks that might claim the life of those you would scare.




Teen Beetlejuice Costume

Sure, summoning Betelgeuse to the party always starts innocent enough, with just a spinning head and a few wise cracks, but it always ends with people dying and your daughter being married to the creep. There’s only one way to make sure he doesn’t ruin your house and home. Just say, “Betelgeuse!” three times and you’ll be rid of the creep once and for all.

Teen Beetlejuice Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | Polyester | RU886127

Teen Beetlejuice Costume (TV / Movie Costumes)