Mike Deluxe Hoodie Hat


It’ s Mike Wozowski! Wear the one eyed green monster on your head to keep you warm. This Mike Deluxe Hoodie Hat is perfect for any Monsters Inc. fan!




Mike Deluxe Hoodie Hat

Going to Monsters University takes more than studying books and diploma from a good high school. You got to look the part too! They won’t just take any old human who comes knocking at the door. They want, talented, real life monsters! You may not have born as one, but hey, we’re problem solvers here. With this Mike Wazowski hat, you can probably stroll right into the academy and take whatever class you want. We haven’t proven this theory yet.

Mike Deluxe Hoodie Hat | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | Polyester | EL250940

Mike Deluxe Hoodie Hat (TV / Movie Costumes)