Mermaid Headband


Worried about losing your tiara on land? Keep your expensive one safe in your chest, and try this cute Mermaid Headband instead!




Mermaid Headband

There comes a time in every mermaid’s life when she has to take to the land to find her prince and when that time comes, it’s always best to have a cute ocean tiara! Nothing quiet says, “I’m a mermaid princess looking for love on the land” like this one and if you got your set of land legs from the Sea Witch, you might have to give up talking until you make that prince fall in love. It’s a good thing this tiara speaks volumes without ever uttering a sound.

Mermaid Headband | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | Polyester | EL100100

Mermaid Headband (Animal & Bug Costumes)